Question: I am a diabetic and have severely dry feet.  What do you recommend?

Answer: Glysomed Foot Balm works wonders on dry, cracked feet.  For best results, soak feet in warm water then slough off dry skin and calluses.  Apply Foot Balm and then a pair of cozy socks.  Use Glysomed Foot Balm every night before going to bed and in no time you’ll notice your feet are softer and more resilient.

Question: I have eczema.  Will Glysomed help?

Answer: Glysomed Hand Cream and Body Lotion have been trusted by people with sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions for years.  Glysomed is soothing and moisturizing, thanks in part, to the addition of  Chamomile.  The Chamomile helps handsLotion.jpgalleviate and reduce inflammation.  Glysomed Fragrance Free is a good choice because it contains no scent and no perfumes.

Question: I use body lotion in the winter because my skin is so dry.  Do I need to continue using it all summer?

Answer: Using Glysomed Body Lotion all year, in all seasons, is strongly recommended.  The harsh winter weather contributes to the breakdown of the natural oily layer which protects our skin.  Thus, we are prone to dryness and “winter itch”.  In the summer, we have the pool, the beach, the sun, the wind and the air conditioning to contend with…to name a few!  Chlorine keeps pools free from harmful bacteria and algae, but strips our skin of its protective coating of oils, sweat and natural acids (like winter weather does). The immediate result is dry skin.  Therefore, using a Body Lotion like Glysomed all year to keep our skin thoroughly moisturized, is helpful.