NEW Glysomed Eczema Control™

People trust Glysomed’s hardworking skincare products to moisturize, soften and soothe even the roughest, driest skin.  The dermatologist-recommended hand creams, body lotion and foot balm provide long-lasting hydration and protection and help restore skin’s moisture. Now we are excited to introduce new Glysomed Eczema Control.  Eczema Control is enriched with the well-known Glysomed glycerine-chamomile blend […]

Glysomed Gets a New Look and New Ingredients

For more than 20 years, Canadians have trusted Glysomed to be hard-working, soothing and effective at deeply moisturizing the roughest, driest skin.  Today Glysomed is a leading skin care brand and the No. 1 hand cream in Canada. But still we saw room for improvement, so we set ourselves on a mission to strengthen the […]