Glysomed Hand & Body Care products are based on a century of tradition in the manufacturing of fine skin care products.  Uniqueness is visible in our heritage and products!  Developed in Europe, the product line offers a unique solution for the care of dry and sensitive skin.

The Beginning…

  • In 1994, Glysomed Hand Cream was introduced to the Canadian marketplace in its original jar format.
  • By 1996, the demand for Glysomed Hand Cream had grown substantially.  Consumers coast to coast were seeking an alternative to the original packaging size, one that could be taken along anywhere, in the purse, jacket, car, etc.  Glysomed reacted immediately by introducing the Tube format, which soon became the #1 selling Hand Cream in Canada!*
  • Glysomed consumers were so happy with the results that they began to apply the Hand Cream all over their body (arms, legs, feet, elbows)…anywhere dry skin was a problem.  What a great idea that was!  The response to this trend was the development and introduction of Glysomed Body Lotion in 1998.  This light-textured, Aloe and Vitamin E enriched cream lotion captured consumers’ attention.
  • In 2001, a new Fragrance Free formulation of the #1 selling Hand Cream was launched.  Glysomed Fragrance Free Hand Cream, a unique hypo-allergenic formula, presented the solution for individuals with sensitive skin conditions, while still maintaining the quality and integrity of the original formula.  Glysomed Fragrance Free is popular with Health Care practitioners, sufferers of skin conditions, people with sensitive skin and intolerance to fragrances.

More Recently…

  • In 2004, Glysomed joined the Blistex® family of products in canadian-pharm365.
  • In 2006, Glysomed Foot Balm was introduced in Canada.  With shea butter, olive oil and a dash of peppermint oil, this fabulous foot balm keeps even the roughest feet looking great and feeling revitalized.

In keeping with Blistex philosophies, Glysomed continues to introduce products of the highest quality with distinctive formulations to make your skin look and feel better.

The Glysomed history is as rich as its ingredients, and the future is as bright as the packaging.  For the Love of Your Skin™, the choice is Glysomed.

We hope you enjoyed our story, and we hope you will seek out Glysomed when your skin needs a little help.

*AC Nielsen Units 2011