Foot Balm


Glysomed Foot Balm’s unique formula provides relief to cracked heels and dry soles. Through a blend of peppermint, shea butter and olive oil this revitalizing balm rejuvenates even the roughest feet. With intensive moisture and long-lasting protection your feet will look and feel their very best.


  • Shea butter works to stimulate the skin’s renewal process, as it softens even the roughest feet
  • Olive oil is an effective moisturizing agent that won’t clog pores, and will allow skin to breath, while being absorbed deeply
  • Peppermint oil serves as an natural antiseptic and adds an invigorating, fresh scent

For best results

  • Apply to feet daily
  • For severe cases of dry feet, apply a thick layer of balm after exfoliating


  • 120mL Tube