A Note About Your Hands

Note About Your Hands – Handshake. Fist Bump. Wave. High Five. We do a lot with our hands! Our hands are the basis of most face to face, social interactions; greeting people and saying goodbye. Our hands are one of the first things people notice about us. Take a moment to look down at your hands now. How do they look? Most importantly, how do they feel?

The cold- dry air during the winter months does a number on our hands. It is almost impossible to keep the skin hydrated and replenished. Exposure to extreme elements alone can age your skin. Now, with Summer right around the corner, we will be using are hands more than ever. The temperature will be a little more forgiving, but now we’ll have sun, digging in the garden and tossing a ball at the beach to contend with. Plus, there’s always the regular wear and tear from dishes and everyday life.

In order to replenish your hands Glysomed Hand cream contains glycerine to help maintain and restore your skin’s moisture balance, as well as Silicone to help lock the moisture in. The added Chamomile will help to soothe and calm the skin, leaving your hands not only looking nice, but feeling great as well.

The Glysomed hand cream is available in several different sizes. This allows you to choose the size that best fits your lifestyle. You can have a larger 150ml jar at home and/or a smaller 10ml tube to throw in your bag on the go. The Glysomed Hand Cream is also available in Fragrance Free, for those that have extra sensitive skin.

Start taking care of those hands of yours today!

The Whole Package

Every single part of you is important, from your head to your baby toe. When most people think about healthy and nourished skin, they think about the usual suspects; the face, hands, arms, and legs. This is understandable; the face and hands are what we greet and meet people with, while the arms and legs will be the next to be notice, however what about those feet? Glysomed wants to make sure you are taking care of the whole package.

When was the last time that you thought about foot care? Your feet are way down there at the other end of your body and are in need of attention too! Our feet spend most of their time crammed into socks, shoes or boots, especially during the cold winter season that we’re just coming out of. You can go months without giving foot care a thought. Your feet may ache while you’re standing at work, or freeze while you’re in line at the bus stop but when was the last time you took a moment to give them some TLC? Flip-Flop and sandal season is coming up soon and you may end up shocked when you find dry patches and callouses on your toes and heals. These can be prevented!

Glysomed Foot Balm is formulated especially for the complex region of the foot. The Olive Oil and peppermint that this balm contains work together to tackle both the rough skin that can be found on the heels, and soothes the sensitive skin of the toes. Glysomed Foot Balm can help to protect and maintain happy feet!

Me Time.

A healthy mind is equally as important as a healthy body. Some of the most successful people in the world meditate on a daily basis for this reason, but in this busy day and age it can be challenging to find that time for yourself. The benefits of having a healthy mind are endless! Taking a moment to clear your mind can allow you the head space to get back into your day with a fresh start.  We here at Glysomed have a tiny solution for maximizing your introspective time, a way you can take care of both your body and your mind at the same time. “Me time”.

“Me time” means taking time for yourself. One extra minute a day can make the world of difference. Whether you work 12 hours every day in high stress situations, or you’re busy running after little ones around the clock, it is important to stop and intentionally take a time out. A single moment to stop everything else, breathe and focus on one task can act as a mini-meditation. Applying Glysomed Body Lotion post shower can act as a home remedy for your everyday stress. The soothing chamomile will make it easy and accessible to get the relaxation that you need, while helping to resurface and protect your skin. The act of applying your lotion and taking care of your skin, will help your mind and body. Two birds, one stone!

A little “Me Time” with Glysomed Body Lotion will help get you back to your every day routine feeling refreshed and calm.

Try this for 90 days. 1 minute a day after the shower. It takes 30 days to break a habit and 90 days to create a new one. Share this with your friends and family and get them into it today!


Glysomed – It’s Our Nature to Nurture

We’ve given our website a make-over, and like a fresh hair cut or a bright new lipstick, the new website is making us feel great. The new layout has been designed with your individual needs in mind; to make finding the information most important to you quick and simple. On our new site you are able to find up to date information on our Glysomed family of products, information about Glysomed as a company, and interesting facts, tricks and tips for dry skin through our blog- It’s Our Nature to Nurture.

Glysomed is here to give your skin what it needs. We’re all about providing your skin with the moisture and protection hands, bodies and feet love. Taking care of your skin requires time and effort. Dry skin can happen any time of year, especially for those of us with skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Then factor in Canadian winters! As much as I love making snowmen and going skiing, the cold, dry air and wind can make me want to just bundle up and stay home most days. However, there are plenty of effective, and surprising, things you can do to help restore skin moisture balance and prevent dry, itchy skin.

That’s the main reason I started this blog. There are two things you should know about me:

  1. I love skin care. I think about it all the time. Whether I’m eating breakfast or walking my dog, I’m constantly considering how my activities are affecting my skin.
  2. I love facts. Most of the facts I know will likely never be of any use. Example: Glycerine is made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen; just like alcohol! However, some of my facts are incredibly practical. Example: Avocado and Almonds contain antioxidants that are great for you.

I also love helping others who are looking to soothe irritated skin. It truly is our nature to nurture, so to help you on your journey to restore softness I will be posting blog entries covering everything from the benefits of Aloe Vera for skin, to hypo-allergenic skin care.

So follow my blog and suffer from skin dryness no more!