Glysomed Gets a New Look and New Ingredients

For more than 20 years, Canadians have trusted Glysomed to be hard-working, soothing and effective at deeply moisturizing the roughest, driest skin.  Today Glysomed is a leading skin care brand and the No. 1 hand cream in Canada. But still we saw room for improvement, so we set ourselves on a mission to strengthen the appeal of Glysomed, to build an even broader audience, while maintaining Glysomed’s familiarity and authenticity to it’s current users.  This is no easy task.  We enlisted the expertise of team members from Design, Marketing, Technology, R&D and Executives to develop upgraded formulas using trend-right ingredients, achieve a more contemporary design across the line, streamline all copy for enhanced communication clarity and package it all in new, luminescent tubes and bottles that add a premium feature to the brand.

We began by conducting a large-scale Consumer Research study in Canada to gain insights into the overall skin care landscape and specific insights about Glysomed.  Next we conducted focus groups in Canada to determine which of several design and package options would best contemporize and elevate the brand image.  Meanwhile, we improved our Foot Balm formula by adding Geranium and Palmarosa oils.  Both of these oils are soothing skin conditioners, known to be extremely beneficial in foot treatments and familiar to neuropathic and diabetic patients.  We enhanced our Body Lotion formula by adding Mango and Shea butters.  These ingredients are among the most widely known of rapidly growing skin butters.  Shea has luxurious softening properties and mango butter is rich in antioxidants.

As a result, we have a beautiful product line that builds on current strength with a noticeable evolution.  Shipping of the new graphics along with the enhanced formulas takes place throughout the first half of fiscal 2017.