What are people saying?

Sophia, NS:

“I have been using Glysomed for a few years now.  I heard about it from a friend and I’ve been using it ever since.  I use it at work too and it saved my life.  I used to have literally cracked, bleeding feet and it hurt so much.  Even prescriptions would just burn so bad.  Glysomed doesn’t hurt or burn.  It coats like they say, a glove, it’s so amazing, I love it.”

Tricia, ON:

“…I use your product daily and it helps keep my hands and body free of dryness from (all the) shampooing, perming and colouring.  I also suffer from eczema/psoriasis and I have found that Glysomed has kept it at bay for many years now.  When my co-workers complain about sore, cracking skin, I pull my Glysomed out of my purse and let them have a try!”

Susan, BC:

“I just wanted to make a comment about your hand cream.  I have tried almost everything on the market for rough hands and found nothing that could soften these gardeners’ hands.  I was given Glysomed and within the week my hands look like they belong to someone else!  They are so soft!  I’m sold.  I will only be using Glysomed from now on.”

Barb, ON:

“I’d like to tell you that Glysomed cream has been a God-send to me and my two little boys.  It has really helped us with our eczema.”

Katrina, ON:

“My Grandmother and Mother were both loyal customers of Glysomed and taught me at a young age of its excellent properties of healing severely dry skin.  Now, as an adult there is still a large flip-top tube of Glysomed standing by all of my sinks.  Thanks for making a great product!”

Sammy, ON:

“I must say this is the best skin care product I have ever used.”

Nicky, ON:

“Just tried your Glysomed Hand Cream.  This is the best cream, bar none.  My hands are almost always dry as a result of my job.  A co-worker told me about your product and my hands are almost back to normal.  No more cracked and itchy skin.  Thank you for this product which I find is a good price for a great product.”

Carol, NS:

“I just want to thank you for making available to us the greatest product for dry, rough hands ever!  I have always experienced dry hands, especially in winter.  By chance, I tried Glysomed and have never had a product smooth and soften my hands like this has.  My husband even noticed the difference!”

Amy, AB:

“I recently tried Glysomed Hand Cream and LOVED it!  It works well for my daughter who suffers from dry skin.”

Maneejih, ON:

“I just wanted to say that your hand cream is the best…thank you for creating a wonderful product.”

Natasha, ON:

“I am very sensitive to environmental allergens and have found Glysomed (Fragrance Free) is one of the few skin care products I can use.”

Sterling, ON:

“I absolutely love the results and the fresh light scent is quite lovely.”

Stew, ON:

“My family all has very sensitive skin and have been users of Fragrance Free Glysomed for the last 2 years.  It is really the only thing that does the trick.  Especially for the kids who complained that all other creams “burned” their skin.  We go through at least a tube a week.”

Nancy, ON:

“I love, I repeat love your products.  I am a long time user of Blistex and have used Glysomed hand cream faithfully since I first tried it.

Bryan, ON:

“I have used some of your Glysomed body lotion on some patches of psoriasis and it seems to relieve some of the symptoms.”

Alison, ON:

“I just wanted to let you know that I just purchased my first tube of Glysomed hand cream earlier this year and just LOVE the product.  It truly is the best cream to combat dry skin.  It goes on smoothly and really feels like it’s working immediately.  It also has a nice fragrance too.”

Louise, MB:

“I have never been able to find anything before that would help with the damage that having my hands in water for hours does.  A friend of mine gave me a tube of Glysomed to use about 3 years ago, and I have been hooked ever since.  Thank you for making such a wonderful product.”

Jen, MB:

“…I love Glysomed Hand Cream.  Before I found your products, I hated to put hand cream on because it would make my hands burn after using.  Your Fragrance Free Glysomed allows me to keep my hands soft and free of cracks without the burn…”

Dave, NS:

“I work outside all day, and my hands crack and sometimes even bleed.  I have tried other types of creams in the past, and nothing has stood up like Glysomed. I get home and put some cream on before bed, and my hands are like new in the morning!!  I recommend Glysomed to anyone over any other hand cream. It really works wonders…”

Satisha, ON:

“I play soccer recreationally and before using Glysomed, my hands were barely recognizable after a long tournament!  A girl on my team suggested Glysomed and since using Hand Cream, my hands stay moisturized throughout the day, and it smells awesome!! Thanks so much!!”

Kevin, ON:

“Glysomed is great because it dries quickly, and doesn’t leave your hands feeling oily.  Dry skin and irritation go away within seconds.”

Trudy, ON:

“Using a little Glysomed goes a long way, which is great!  Glysomed actually moisturizes my hands properly and the fragrance is light and not overpowering.”

Evelyn, ON:

“I love Glysomed because it moisturizes and softens my hands like no other hand cream out there!  When I apply Glysomed, my hands feel transformed!!  Keep up the good work Glysomed; I wouldn’t trade you for ANYTHING!”