The Whole Package

Every single part of you is important, from your head to your baby toe. When most people think about healthy and nourished skin, they think about the usual suspects; the face, hands, arms, and legs. This is understandable; the face and hands are what we greet and meet people with, while the arms and legs will be the next to be notice, however what about those feet? Glysomed wants to make sure you are taking care of the whole package.

When was the last time that you thought about foot care? Your feet are way down there at the other end of your body and are in need of attention too! Our feet spend most of their time crammed into socks, shoes or boots, especially during the cold winter season that we’re just coming out of. You can go months without giving foot care a thought. Your feet may ache while you’re standing at work, or freeze while you’re in line at the bus stop but when was the last time you took a moment to give them some TLC? Flip-Flop and sandal season is coming up soon and you may end up shocked when you find dry patches and callouses on your toes and heals. These can be prevented!

Glysomed Foot Balm is formulated especially for the complex region of the foot. The Olive Oil and peppermint that this balm contains work together to tackle both the rough skin that can be found on the heels, and soothes the sensitive skin of the toes. Glysomed Foot Balm can help to protect and maintain happy feet!